Assured provides personalised, supportive and totally customised career services to help you transition to a new job, role or career.  Anyone can give you general information or standard templates.  At Assured, we recognise that your skills, experience, history and goals are unique – and we create a customised package that will bring out your best and help you succeed.  We specialise in providing Resume and Application Services, Career Coaching and Outplacement.

Resume and Job Application services

  • Resume and CV preparation
  • Cover Letters and Applications
  • Selection Criteria for specific job requirements
  • Interview questions and answers
  • Preparation for Group interview scenarios

We’ve helped hundreds of individuals seeking jobs in:  Government, Law Enforcement, Management, Administration, Engineering, Construction, Mining, Transport, Education, not-for-profit roles, Community services and Health.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching is helpful for people at all stages of their career.  Your closest friends and family are a great source of support because they care for, and believe in you.  But do they really give you good advice about what you need to strengthen, or how to market your skills in a competitive job market?  Coaching gives you the time and space to work through your career goals ‘out loud’, even if you’re not sure what they are.  Career coaching can be helpful when:

  • you are stuck in the same old rut and want to get out somehow
  • you are not happy or fulfilled at work but just don’t know what to do
  • you are considering what training or skills you need for a promotion
  • you want to transition from your current job into a different career
  • you decide to change from full time to part time work, or retirement
  • you need to understand your strengths, weaknesses, goals and values

Sessions are typically 60-90 minutes via Phone or Skype and include an action plan and some assessment tools.

Outplacement & Transition services

Assured provides a personalised and supportive coaching program to support your organisation and employees through times of change.  Outplacement packages provide objective support to employees to transition to a new career or new role as a result of restructure, redeployment or redundancy.  Packages are customised for your staff and can include a range of support including coaching, skills mapping, job search, resume preparation, LinkedIn updates, interview coaching, exit interviews.   Contact us for more information on your needs.