Feeling stuck?  Need a new perspective?  Tired of the same old situation but not sure what to do?  Are you ready to work on changing direction?

Whether you’re starting out in a new role, a new job or a new city, coaching is a great tool to help you clarify your situation, discover new possibilities and move forward with purpose.

Career Transition coaching
Team Leader / Supervisor coaching
Leadership & Management coaching
Life and Values coaching

You can use your coaching sessions as a place to:

  • think ‘out loud’ with support
  • express and explore your ideas
  • gain clarity about what you truly want
  • organise your priorities and achieve a balance right for you
  • learn constructive ways to deal with conflict
  • work on action plans to help you achieve your goals
  • strengthen your communication and delegation skills
  • see how you can explore new career opportunities

If you’re ready to put aside some time and effort to make changes in your life and work, please contact me for a ‘no obligation’ discussion. I encourage you to speak to a number of coaches and find the right fit for you.

Sessions are 60 minutes via Phone or Skype and can be purchased in blocks of four sessions.